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      We’re Mask Lynk, a technical fabric design studio that brings innovation and distinctive products
      to each consumer. You’ll experience the difference...we promise!

      Your #MASKLYNK mask has a story...

      The #MASKLYNK fabrics were developed with the highest performing scientifically proven anti-viral and
      anti-microbial fabrics.
      We aren’t just using available liability fabric to make masks here folks. #Masklynk heard your feedback,
      and created this mask that won’t make you hot, will be breathable, flu fighting, and comfortable to
      We’re not in the fashion business.
      We’re in the fashion technology, fabric engineering, supply chain operations, design innovation business

      Sustainably Sourced and Made...

      Our #masklynk masks are made on the beautiful island of Manhattan. Our masks are not
      made in China. They are not using inexpensive scrap fabric. They are washable and reusable and won't
      fill our landfills.
      Our fabrics harness all the natural properties from nature.
      We have used natural elements in the chemistry of the fabrics. These fabrics dry quicker, and use less
      energy in the drying process than most.
      By purchasing our masks we will be keeping our manufacturing partners employed, as well as our New
      York and New Jersey office staff.

      Who is #MaskLynk?

      We are a group of scientists, textile technicians, designers, and industry experts who used their 100+
      years of experience in textiles and fashion to create the best mask available for you and your family.
      We developed this mask with our manufacturing partners in the Fashion District of New York. 

      Our goal is to ensure as many Americans have masks as soon as possible.