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      Design your custom mask today.

      Keep your company safe!

      Work with Mask Lynk to design a custom mask order with your company logo. Email our team for more details!

      Mask Lynk Features

      1. Triple layer with FEMA approved middle filtration layer
      2. Anti Viral/Anti Microbial finished fabric
      3. Quick Dry-Eco Dri technology inside layer
      4. Made in USA
      5. Fully adjustable ear loops for your comfort

      **Beads and placement prints can be customized. Pricing will vary based on these options**

      Bulk Pricing Tiers:

      Bulk Quantity Bulk Pricing

      Print fabric in stock: 

                    1. Seeing Stars                     2. You've Been Spotted           3. Working Warrior                     4. Urban Warrior                       5. Counter Face                     6. Patriot Stripes

      Solid fabric in stock:

                  1. Black                                                             2. Winetasting                                                   3. Navy                                                                 4. Airmesh

      Interested in designing masks with us featuring your company logo? Send us an email to get started!